Marketing Strategy & Project Management

Marketing Strategy and Project Management Initiatives

Develop and lead positive business marketing initiatives for clients. May include business planning support, strategy, advertising, events and promotions.

Don’t leave marketing up to chance!  Brands, organizations or companies come and go everyday!

Creating a multi-faceted strategy to achieve your marketing goals is critical.  Budgeting on the front end saves time and money.  Adhering to budgets and continuously evaluating results, helps to appropriate increase spends when needed or reallocate in the appropriate direction.

We never recommend spending money just to spend money.  Not on events, not on branding and not on high ticket marketing tactics.  We recommend a budget first marketing analysis, followed by thorough brainstorm and research, supported with a strong marketing plan that gets incorporated in the business plan.  We have worked with franchise models, individual locations, real estate brokers, financial services and insurance business owners, mission driven organizations, beauty services and more!  Don’t get caught without a plan when it comes to your marketing and strategy for your company.  We are here to help!

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