Event Production

Event Production Initiatives

Comprehensive consultation and support for events. May include concept creation, themes, messaging, goals and purpose, planning, logistics and sponsorships.

Do not undertake events alone!  We don’t event do that!  We have produced or performed onsite activations for more than 100 events in the past 5 years.  From charity fundraisers, to launch parties, industry events, educational seminars, empowerment series, fashion shows, and more!  Working as a team between the Client, Producers and Vendors is essential.

Being an events insider comes with a lot of perks that we can pass on to our clients.  Not only are we skilled in our vendor and venue negotiations, but we also get the inside track on new spaces to visit, places that provide discounted for mission driven or non-profit organizations, and venues and caters to avoid!  We take budgets seriously and work with you to most effective budget and spend.

Event goals?  What does this mean?  We do events with purpose and intention.  To most successfully execute, we create clear goals at the beginning that help us gauge and success of the event.  Simply put, we have the experience to do a great job and the follow through to continuously receive referrals in the marketplace.  If you are looking for a premium organization to help you achieve your event goals, let’s connect!

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